MAC's Charter Challenge
of the CRA's islamophobic Audit

MAC has filed a Charter Challenge against the CRA for its biased and discriminatory audit of the organization that infringes on the rights of Canadian Muslims.

“The outcome of MAC’s charter challenge will not only impact the Muslim charity sector but will also serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of standing up to injustice and systemic discrimination. It will have far-reaching implications for the broader charitable sector in Canada and the regulatory practices of the CRA. This challenge is a bold and necessary step towards ensuring that our regulatory bodies are held accountable for their actions and that systemic discrimination is not tolerated in any form.”

Sharaf Sharafeldin, President-Strategy


This infographic is based on MAC's lawyer Geoff Hall's opening remarks in the charter challenge hearing


In 2014-2015, Canada experienced a rise in Islamophobia, driven by individuals spreading misinformation about Canadian Muslim organizations like the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted a biased and invasive audit of MAC, and concluded with recommendations to revoke its charitable status and to impose a $1.3 million penalty. As the audit progressed, it became clear to MAC that there was a deep undercurrent of Islamophobia within the CRA, and that this bias was affecting the way the audit was being conducted. To defend the rights of Canadian Muslims, MAC filed a charter challenge in response to the CRA’s actions.

Islamophobia in the audit

In MAC’s submission to the court, lawyers argued that the audit was tainted by Islamophobia in the way MAC was selected for audit, how the CRA determined the risk of terrorism finance, how the audit team was onboarded, the audit itself, and finally in the preliminary findings themselves.

Violation of charter rights

Muslim Association of Canada has made an application for an order directing the Canada Revenue Agency to terminate the present Audit, or complete the Audit in a manner that does not infringe on MAC’s rights:

  1. Freedom of religion 2(a)

  2. Freedom of Expression 2(b)

  3. Freedom of Association 2(d)

  4. Equality 15

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